Edway Labour Hire is a workforce management, labour hire and outsourced employment solutions provider with extensive national coverage via offices in Sydney and Melbourne.  We offer industry-leading workforce management services, that focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions. As one of this country’s premier labour hire agencies, we apply innovative, tailored and efficient recruitment procedures to source the most suitably qualified workers. And we do it within the parameters set by the government.  At the same time, we explain quickly and simply, and in plain English, what it is an employer needs to do to be compliant today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our highly-qualified team has over 40 years’ combined experience working within various sectors in Australia on projects large and small. Our industry focus ensures that we speak the same language as our business partners and can quickly ascertain and subsequently fulfil their needs. Whether it’s a one-off placement, or a complete workforce solution, we provide reliable, flexible and scalable solutions for any workforce need, sometimes in as little as one hour!  Put us to the test and see why we retain our clients.

One of the main reasons we do, is because we love the detail, and specialise in the technical and legal aspects of labour hire, ensuring that both our clients, and their workers’ interests, are constantly protected, ensuring you have peace of mind and can focus on what you do best; run your business.

We’re happy to help with any requirement and specialise in the following fields:

  • General Trade
  • Construction
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Engineering
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Business Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Aged Care & Nursing
  • Teaching
  • IT

Call us today to see first hand why we’re setting the recruitment benchmark in Australia.